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Our Basil, an example of Innovation

In a world facing increasingly pressing environmental and food challenges, our basil emerges as a tangible example of how innovation can help us solve agricultural challenges.


Water Efficiency and Adaptability

Our crops, taking our basil as an example, are a testament to water efficiency and adaptability at a time when water management becomes increasingly critical. Our basil uses 95% less water, compared to others from traditional agriculture, thanks to the fact that we efficiently recirculate this vital resource. Our approach not only ensures more efficient use of water resources, but also allows our plants to thrive in extreme water shortage conditions, such as those we faced in Catalonia during the recent drought.


Future Challenges and Innovative Solutions

While the current drought is an urgent reminder of present challenges, it also forces us to look to the future and anticipate the challenges we will face. Climate change and population growth pose serious threats to food security and environmental sustainability. On our farm, we grow in a controlled system that manages all the variables necessary for plant development. This allows us to be prepared for the future and grow specific varieties that face challenges such as adverse weather, market shortages or access difficulties. In this way, we provide a reliable and controlled alternative, ensuring quality and responsible use of resources.

Contribution to Global Innovation

Recently, the results of the FoodTech 500 2023 were presented, the world's leading list that highlights the most innovative talent globally at the intersection of food, technology and sustainability. In this list, Groots stands out as the number one operating company in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in Spain and the third in Europe. This recognition highlights our continued commitment to innovation and sustainability, as well as our role as leaders in developing agricultural solutions of the future.


At Groots, we remain dedicated to finding solutions to meet the challenges of the future. We will continue to lead the way in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient agricultural practices, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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