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The benefits of vertical farming in food.

Why should you incorporate vertical farming products into your diet?

As you may know, vertical farming is an innovative technique that allows plants to be grown in a controlled environment, using less space and resources than traditional farming, but what benefits does it bring to include vertical farming products in our daily menu? Here are the main reasons:

  1. Greater freshness: by growing plants in a controlled environment, foods can be collected just before consumption, which means that the food is fresher and more nutritious. By consuming vertical farming products, you can be sure that you are consuming fresh and nutrient-rich foods, which is beneficial for your health. Our selection of live live plants plants arrive to your kitchen still with the root. Can it be fresher?

  2. Less environmental impact: by growing plants in a controlled environment, the risks of pests and diseases can be reduced, which means that fewer pesticides and fertilizers are used. By consuming vertical farming products, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. You can also enjoy our herbs already cut and ready to consume. They are also distributed on the same day they are harvested.

  3. Greater food security: vertical farming allows food to be produced in urban areas, which means that dependence on imported food supplies can be reduced. By consuming vertical farming products, you are contributing to the food security of your community. This and other reasons led us to produce ready-to-eat vegan salads. We believe that the future of food is based on a system that does not make intensive use of resources and is free from animal exploitation.

  4. More taste and variety: vertical farming allows for the cultivation of different types of plants and varieties that are not common in traditional farming, which means that you can enjoy flavors and variety that you could not find in conventional products.

  5. Reduce food waste: In addition to producing on demand, we decided to take reducing food waste to the next level. All those plants that do not pass the beauty standards set by supermarkets but still have a great taste, we turn them into seasoning herbs. This way we ensure that not a leaf of our production is wasted.

At Groots, we offer a wide variety of vertical farming products to help you enjoy the benefits of vertical farming, our goal is to make this system accessible to everyone. If you want to taste sustainability you can shop in our online store or see in which supermarkets you can find us.

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