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Smart Garden

The vertical farming revolution at home

Our revolutionary growing technology at your fingertips. Effortless. Fully automated. Fully sustainable.


Chili Red

Jazmin White

Fern Green

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Finance your boombi!

From X you can have home-grown greens from X a day.

You have the opportunity to finance your boombi if you subscribe to plants:

- Make 3 payments 49,50 € per month subscribing to a year of plants

You can also make one payment but save 28% by by subscribing to a year of plants :)

It's App-controlled!

Boombi it's not only automated, it's also app-controlled.

Just tell boombi what plants you have in your boombi and lay back!


It'll tell you when your plant should be ready to crop, when it's time to refill the tank and it'll give you nice tips and fun facts on the way!

You can also check all the info on the plants that are available and order your favs from there.

Any issue or doubt? Talk directly to a Grooter! A member of the boombi team will be there for you :)

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boombi kitchen.jpg

2 years guarantee

Boombi comes with a 2-years TOTAL guarantee. That means it covers everything (except the bad usage).

And that's because we believe in the durability of our product. 

A wide variety of greens and herbs

for your everyday life

Choose between our wide range of greens, aromatic herbs, fruits,

edible flowers, and even decorative plants.

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