We grow where you eat.

Produce that grows in your same time zone.

Our urban farms eliminate the need of eating refrigerated and peak performance food rather than flavour perfomance food.

Enjoy local by tasting real food.

Just in time.

We harvest and serve the same day. You get longer shelf-life and reduce waste.

Goodbye cleaning!

We grow without soil and pesticide free. Our produce is ready-to-go.

Real flavour.

Forget about tasteless produce. Our growing method naturally intensifies flavour & aroma.

Facts based sustainability.

Save water

Up to un 90% more than traditional agriculture. 


Our crops are vertically grown to be 40x more productive. 

No extra miles

Our proximity eliminates the need of long transportations.

A new way of conceiving supply consistency 

Our tech enables us to grow 365 days a year, without seasonality problems, with quality & quantity consistency. 

The same way a manufacturing plant would do it.

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