Fully automated hydroponics system for remote horticulture cultivation including 8 sensors which will be in charged of controlling HVAC, water supply & nutrients solutions.


Each OverGrower is designed for one growing zone or for one type of plant that is at the same growth stage. The 8 sensors will be continuously parameterizing the nutrient solution & the environment, and consequently adjusting them in order to create the optimal growing conditions.


Remote Control: The device has a user-friendly interface where you will be able to monitor and control your growing system using a touch screen installed in themain unit, or online from any device.


Each outlet in each control unit is designed for a maximum load of up to 1.5 kW.


Items included in the package:

  1. Device with a software already installed.
  2. pH sensor - 1 pc in a set (periodicity of maintenance is once a month).
  3. Combined sensor - TDS + solution temperature
  4. Combined sensor - air temperature + humidity + illumination + CO2 concentration sensor
  5. Solution level sensor.
  6. Control unit of two outlets for controlling light and cooling lamps.
  7. Control unit of two outlets to maintain the level of solution and refilling.
  8. Control unit of two outlets for controlling CO2 gas supply valve and extractor.
  9. Power supply unit.
  10. Working manual with an access password to the user interface (supplied in the form of an electronic document).
  11. Cultivation procedures (supplied in the form of an electronic document).

This product has a 12 month warranty.

Over Grower

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